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Rumours of a reflective evening of DnB from label Vibez r floating around. Very special guests include rare appearances from artsits First Wave Digital and Dj Notion, with Subject 13 Alaska, Paradox and Nookie - just remember; Don't throw stones!

Kananga Play Breaks 4 Download

Artist Kananga has mixed Play Breaks back catalogue in his usual tite and progressive manner. The mix we be downloadable from Apple's I-Tunes download centre. Details to follow...

Versus Music Festival 2004

Dj Doris and Spinner Shindigs will be appearing at this years festival, hosting the VIP tent. Check out the URL for more detials.

Bo-Shing! Covers

Lee and Neil at Bo-Shing! have been busy this month on covers for artist Alaska's LP, Virtual Virtuoso's, released on Vibez and for Pauze Volume One, released on Pauze Recordings. Picz coming soon, and a feature in June's Computer Arts magazine.