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Dj World Record Attempt

SbS Dj's Joe Le Groove, Doris, D'lite and Notion took part in the World Record attempt for the most Dj's to play a in a four hour set at Bridge and Tunnel in Shoreditch. The event was organised by D-Train in aid of their 1st Birthday, with all proceeds going to the Rwanda Fund.

Vibez Recordings Linkz with SbS

Our friendship with Vibez Recordings begins... Check the innovative labels work and the infamous artist, Subject 13 at:

Bo-Shing! Powered

This site and all SBS's print and brand design is boshed out by the residents of the House of Bo-Shing!
Chek out their work at this URL:

SbS Website Launched!

Finally neil@bo-shing has got off his ass and loaded this initial SBSV1.1 html site up - music to our ears! Expect new versions as we go along; a flash tweaked one in SBSV1.2 hopefully - so keep watching this section for any up'n'coming developments...